The Second Step


Any worthwhile endeavor begins as an act of faith. We can’t see the finish line. It’s too far away, around a blind corner, and shrouded in darkness. Too often, we…

The Loneliness of Innovation


I really enjoy Rob Bell’s podcast, The Robcast. “So good!” as he likes to say. He’s an entertaining storyteller and an engaging interviewer. He also laughs at his own jokes,…

Reuben’s Bounty


Reuben’s Bounty A short story by Randy Stuart Reuben sat still and silent on the gray mare and squinted up at the tall, rocky draw leading to the flat ridge….

Inch by Inch, Row by Row


This summer I watched an amazing feat of architectural engineering just outside my bedroom window. A colony¬†of wasps built a nest up under the eaves, protected from the wind and…