A Good Reason To Watch Less TV

When I was in college I had an enormously prolific design professor. Not only was he dean of the department with all its accompanying meetings and responsibilities, he also taught a full course load each semester. On top of that he had his client work, freelance commissions, and personal projects. He also was active in his community and church and the father of ten children. Yes, ten.

I remember talking to him one time and remarking how amazing I found his level of production given his numerous responsibilities. I asked him the secret to his success.

Without hesitation he simply said, “Easy. I never watch television.”

The typical American watches over 35 hours of television per week. That is an average of 5 hours per day. It is almost equivalent to an entire second week of work—every week.

If you were to reclaim just one of those 5 hours per day, you would have 365 additional hours to put towards writing your novel or starting your dream business or getting fit. That’s over 9 work weeks. Imagine what you could accomplish with that time.

It is rarely true that we have a lack of time to accomplish our goals and pursue our dreams. It is really a lack of priority.

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