I help people tap into their power so they can create the life of their dreams.

Most people are asleep in their lives, drifting aimlessly. I wake them up to who they are and the power that is inside them. They become alive, get happier and more confident, and begin to excel in every area of their life.

I show people how to be powerful creators of their own life experience, to be fully engaged, and live in complete alignment with their heart and values. By combining a deep internal commitment with thoughtful action, they develop certainty and begin to prosper at unprecedented levels: personally, physically, spiritually, and in their relationships and business.

Private Coaching Sessions

Personal, 1-on-1 coaching sessions are a great way to take a step back and get clarity about who you are and what you want for your. Sometimes, even one new insight can alter your current trajectory and transform your entire world.

Schedule a free, introductory 60-minute coaching session. Coaching sessions are by phone, webcam, or in person for those able to travel to American Fork, Utah. And we’ll never discuss fees until we both feel we’re a good fit for coaching.

Your best life is closer than you think. You have nothing to lose and the world to gain. To get started, email me at:

Why Should You Work With Me?

I know what it is like to live your life in fear. Afraid of trying. Afraid of failing. Terrified of falling on your face and embarrassing yourself and your loved ones. Sitting on the sidelines of life, paralyzed by self-doubt and “what if?”

I know what it is like to feel frustrated in your career and relationships. To feel like you will never be enough. Feeling like everyone else has life figured out; like they know a secret you don’t. Feeling like nothing you do impacts your circumstance or trajectory.

I know what it feels like to ignore your inner voice and play small. To hide away from the world and numb the pain with mindless distractions and destructive behaviors. Feeling sick and tired of being tired and sick.

Perhaps worst of all, I know what it is to drift through life, feeling like the best years of your life have passed you by. To take the so-called “safe” (yet unfulfilling) path of conformity. To publicly pretend like everything is fine, while a storm of misery and regret rages inside.

Sound familiar? Let me show you a better way.

Love Yourself Enough To Make A Change

If you’re feeling stuck in your own life and could benefit from a gentle, loving nudge, consider an investment in personal coaching. Decide now to love yourself enough to transform into the best version of you possible. You are worth it.

It can be difficult to make lasting changes in your life. Believe me, I know. Sometimes it feels so overwhelming, you don’t know where to start. Or, you know where to start but are intimidated by the crap-ton of effort that lies ahead. Perhaps you simply need a solid plan and have someone to cheer you on and hold you accountable.

Whatever your situation, I’d like to work with you, one-on-one, as your personal coach to help you remove your mental roadblocks and design the habits that will move you towards a successful, happier, fulfilled life.

Create The Life Of Your Dreams

What do you want to create with your one wild and precious life? I can help you:

  • Start and finish a creative project
  • Launch a new business
  • Find more meaning and fulfillment in your work
  • Improve the quality of your relationships
  • Feel more grounded and experience lasting peace
  • Discover your calling and life’s mission

Who Needs Coaching?

To be clear, nobody needs coaching. As a person, you are perfectly fine the way you are. However, if you would like to up-level areas of your life, coaching can expedite the journey. It worked for me and it will work for you. I am blessed to have worked with powerful coaches who reignited my dormant inner flame, awoke me to world of new possibilities, and taught me to see with fresh eyes.

I learned how to reinvent myself and move from being a Victim to being an Owner of my own life — to create a life of purpose, commitment, and deep satisfaction.

But most important, I learned to love myself just as I am. I can help you do the same.

Top Performers Seek Out Great Coaches

Look around at the best of the best in sports, entertainment, and business and you will see a common thread: top performers seek out great coaches.

Think about it. Does Tiger Woods need a golf coach? Probably not, but he has one because he wants to be the best. He needs someone who is completely objective, who can help him see what can’t.

Kobe Bryant had a basketball shooting coach. Michael Jackson had a vocal coach. Hollywood movie stars have speech coaches, movement coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, etc. Fortune 500 CEOs have business and strategy coaches. The list goes on. And it goes on for a reason:

A great coach can help accelerate your progress.

Can You Promise It Will Work?

Yes and no. Ultimately, what you get from our time together is up to you and how committed you are to change. You can count on me to be fully present and bring everything I have. You will feel heard, supported, and loved. Sometimes I’ll give you a much-needed kick in the pants. I am here to serve you, not please you. We will dive deep at times. It will not always be fluffy and comfortable. Your world and your mind will be stretched — but I’ll never break you down.

And I promise that if you will show up with an open heart and a desire to grow, together we’ll make some serious magic.

Important: Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. If you need therapy or medication, please seek appropriate, qualified medical care from licensed professionals. Seriously, please. Life is too short to live in pain.

If you have any questions about private coaching sessions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Simply email me at: