Come Out Of The Shadows

A lot of aspiring artists and would-be entrepreneurs spend years, even decades, lurking in the shadows, toiling away at their beautiful craft in obscurity and darkness. They hide in their cave, desperate to release their beauty upon the world, yet plagued with doubt and uncertainty, the walls echoing with cries of, “I’m not ready.”

How will my work be received? Will I be loved, or will I be a laughing stock? Will I soar like an eagle or fall flat on my face?

My plea to all creators everywhere: Please stop hiding!

You will never be ready. There will never be an idyllic time or setting. Conditions will never be perfect. You might not be able to turn your passion into a career—perhaps ever. But it doesn’t matter. We need your gifts, however small.

Stop waiting to be smart enough, expert enough, thin enough, rich enough, credentialed enough.

There is never enough “enough.”

Come out of the shadows already. Step into the light, face the sun and run straight at it. Stop playing small. Do it now.

Be willing to be seen. Go public. Invite the world in. Share your gifts. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Welcome the haters and doubters, and quiet them with your generosity.

Avoid suffering the three-headed dragon of misery, shame, and regret. Act now.

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