Course Correction

It’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay to contradict yourself. It’s okay to say, “Yesterday I liked this, but today I prefer that.”

We are constantly evolving day by day. What worked for you last week might be irrelevant today. Our thoughts, feelings, dreams, aspirations — even our very lives — are not etched in stone. We are not formed at birth or in our teen years, never to be changed or altered. Nowhere does it say who you are at age 20 is how you have to be at age 30 or 50 or 70. I don’t think that is even possible, realistically.

Instead, be open to the flux. Embrace the metamorphosis. Ignore the sunk costs in your life. Career-wise, just because you studied accounting for 5 years in college doesn’t mean you have to remain a CPA for the next 40 years.

Some things are permanent, others are meant to be here for only a season. Welcome what is and make peace releasing what is no longer.

It’s your life. You are at the helm. Course correct at will.

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