Do You Know Your Why?

In his enlightening TED talk, author and cultural anthropologist Simon Sinek explained the root cause behind all great innovators and creators:

They know their why.

Or in other words, there is an overriding purpose that drives all their actions.

Most typical businesses and creators spend a good deal of time touting all the benefits and bells and whistles of their products or services. They focus on the ‘what’.

If they are better communicators, they may even go into the ‘how’ of their business. They explain the facilities, the processes, the staff, the systems.

But the real leaders start with ‘why’. They share a story that connects. They build bridges of trust and empathy. They speak to the heart-driven, primitive motivations that move people to act how they do. The need for acceptance, for love, for fulfillment.

Similar to my previous essay on goals, taking time to figure out what truly drives you can pay huge dividends—not only to your pocket book, but to your soul.

Because when you really know your ‘why’ at a core level, all decision making gets easier. You stop second guessing yourself. You stop working with toxic clients. You stop cutting corners.

You come from a place of strength and love and service. And that is infectious.

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