Fortune Friday: “At 20 years of age the will reigns; At 30 the wit; At 40 the judgments.”

Time and hindsight are two of life’s greatest gifts. If we are fortunate to live long enough, we can benefit from our experiences to chart an even brighter, successful, and rewarding future.

In our twenties, many of our actions are driven by the body—as if it had a mind of its own. We seek pleasure and instant satisfaction. We seek to control as much of our world as we can. Only later do we discover that much of that effort was futile.

In our thirties, we transition into a more mental approach. We use our wits to our advantage. We gain skills and competencies. We learn it pays to use our smarts more than our brawn. Our younger, hedonistic pursuits give way to more “grown up” forms of happiness. However, we unwittingly believe that happiness comes to us through outside influences: big houses, fast cars, job titles, promotions, extravagant vacations, and gadgets galore.

In our forties, our wisdom starts to flourish. We’ve lived long enough to start seeing the world how it really is. We see how naive, and often foolish, we used to be. We realize that the power was inside us all along—that true happiness comes from inside. Our focus turns to those things which truly last: family, friends, spirituality, fulfilling relationships, and meaningful work that makes a positive difference in the world.

Although, I miss the vitality of my younger years, I would not choose to go back. I would not trade what I know now. My life experience, with both its ups and downs, is a blessing beyond measure.

To your good fortune!

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