Fortune Friday: “Get your mind set… Confidence will lead you on.”

Most of us would agree that having the proper mindset is critical to achieving success in this world, however we choose to define it. Sports psychologists talk about being in the “zone” or in the state of “flow.” Do an internet search for “positive mental attitude” and you will get 8 million results. In business, athletics, the arts, and life in general, having and maintaining the right mindset is crucial.

Usually we equate mindset with getting our thoughts into the right position or place—to focus. Like when your coach yells at you to “get your head in the game!”

And this approach seems to work—at least for a little while. But often that focus fades when the pressure to perform is gone. Out of sight out of mind. Granted, it is difficult if not impossible to maintain peak levels of “game on” mindset all the time. Our brains need downtime. Too much being “on” and our minds go to mush.

So instead of trying to maintain this elevated state of mind, what if we tried a different approach?

What if we do like the fortune says and get our mind set. One of the definitions for set is to harden into a solid or semisolid state; as in making Jell-O salad, or putting curlers in ones hair, or pouring cement.

What if we hardened our thoughts—made them more resolute and solid and thick? No longer wishy-washy, vague, or subject to mood, whim, or circumstance.

In other words, we made a commitment via decision. A commitment that once made would eliminate our need to repeatedly try and get (back) into the right mindset. We could run on a virtual mindset autopilot—always on, always humming away quietly in the background.

In this state, we would operate from a place of confidence. Perhaps all the time. No more second guessing ourselves. No more beating ourselves up for breaking promises to ourselves…again.

In other words, integrity. And personal integrity begets confidence.

Confidence is a byproduct of commitment.

Set your mind—make a hard-and-fast decision—and confidence will lead you on to the life our your dreams.

To your good fortune!

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