Fortune Friday: “Great thoughts come from the heart.”

When it comes to making decisions, people typically gravitate towards one of three decision-making systems: the head, the heart, or the gut. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say people tend to trust or rely on one of these feedback mechanism over another—usually as a result of long-term use. Over time they’ve grown accustomed to the method which seems to serve them best.

Some people, including myself, place more emphasis on the head. Giving more weight to reason, logic, data, rationale. This is the source of To-Do lists and Pro-Con sheets. Heaven knows I love me a detailed plan.

Some favor the heart. They base their decisions on their emotions and how they feel.

Others, still, follow their gut. Neither the head nor the heart, but something instinctual. A visceral sensation in the body. They can’t explain it with reason or passion. It just is.

None of this is new news.

So why take the time to outline it?

Because what if—and this is a big what if—none of these methods are the real source of our “knowing”? What if it is something outside ourselves and bigger than we can imagine.

When you get down to it, anatomically speaking, neither head nor heart nor gut makes much sense as a decision-making instrument. After all, all three are essentially nothing more than a collection of tissue and fluids and nerves.

So what then is the source of our knowing?

Philosophers, theologians, and even many hard-core scientists have ascribed this phenomenon to the “soul of man.” The idea that somehow, somewhere, the Universe or God or Spirit or whatever name we call our higher power, breathed into us something beyond the sum of the head, heart, and gut.

Personally, I believe at our core we are divinity in human form. And as such we have access to power and insight and creativity and personal revelation the likes of which we can hardly fathom. A virtual treasure trove of possibilities just waiting for our attention.

So how do we get the Universe’s attention?

We just have to be still. And it that stillness, listen.

Great thoughts come from the heart?

Do they, really? I wonder.

To your good fortune!

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