Fortune Friday: “Investigate new possibilities with friends. Now is the time!”

Today’s fortune could not be more timely, given that last night I re-watched an episode of the amazing series Sherlock on BBC, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes, and Martin Freeman as Watson.

Holmes is without question the undisputed master investigator of all time. Even the word investigate, “carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine the facts…so as to establish the truth” evokes myriad possibilities.

Investigate. Probe. Explore. Scrutinize. Analyze. Examine. Research. Dig.

So as to establish the truth. What are the facts of your current friendships? Truthfully, are they growing and deepening or are they stagnating in shallow wallows? Do you repeatedly find yourselves doing the same old activities, going to the same places, repeating the same stale stories?

Look around you, look at your current friends. How close are they really? Are you experiencing deep connections with the people around you, or are the majority of your friendships largely superficial and scattered—or perhaps not even real, but a collective of virtual followers and eager ‘Likers’?

The new year is almost upon us. I love the coming of a new year because it brings with it, for me at least, the hope of new possibilities and new horizons. This year I want to take my relationships to a higher, deeper level. I want to investigate new possibilities, to explore new avenues. Unfortunately, this could necessitate letting go of or distancing myself from decent or okay friends in favor of inviting, building and creating great friends. But I feel inside it is the right direction. It will be worth it.

To your good fortune!

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