Fortune Friday: “Listen to friends with an ear to the future.”

After reading this fortune a couple times, I realized it could have multiple meanings by making a slight change in punctuation.

Option 1:

“Listen to friends, with an ear to the future.”

Option 2:

“Listen to: friends with an ear to the future.”

In option 1, the responsibility rests with us to take in our friend’s advice and then run that information through our internal filter; to reframe their ideas in a useful forward-thinking direction.

In option 2, we are advised to listen to friends who are forward-thinking individuals. I don’t know about you, but I have friends who love to recall the glory days gone by. As if their best years have already been lived. And they tend to make decisions based on past experience, as opposed to the present facts. But the past is over. It is done, never to be repeated. Time to move on.

Personally, I favor a combination of both options. I prefer to spend my time with people who are looking forward rather than continually reminiscing about the past. But I also want to be sure that I stay true to my roots and my own inner compass and stay open to the inspiration that flows through me.

One final note here. Be sure your definition of ‘friend’ is a positive one. To me a friend is a confidant, a supporter, and sometimes a drill sergeant. True friends are not only enjoyable to be around and spend time with, but they bring out the best in you. They call you on your crap. They hold you to a higher standard.

Listen to those kind of friends. The real ones.

To your good fortune!

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