Fortune Friday: “Magic time is created when an unconventional person comes to stay.”

Unconventional is defined as not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed. In other words, something considered unconventional operates contrary to the collective, opposite to the group mindset. A convention—a way in which something is usually done—is also used to describe a large meeting or conference for people with similar interests, professions, or agendas. Like Comic-Con or dentist conferences or the Republican National Convention. It is human nature to want to surround ourselves with like-minded people. We love our tribe. They make us feel safe and comfortable.

But the real magic is created when we step into the realm of uncertainty, when we explore new horizons and boldly go where we have not gone before. If we just continue to do as we have always done, we’ll get what we’ve always got. We grow by expanding beyond our comfort zone. And make no mistake, our lives are either in a state of expansion or contraction. We are only progressing or regressing, growing or shrinking. There is no neutral, stale ground. We may think we are the same old us we’ve always been, but we’re fooling ourselves if we believe that.

Real magic—not illusion or deceit or false facade—is created. It is new. It comes into the material world from the formless, from Spirit, from “out of the blue.” It is not a rehash of something already in existence. It is not a metaphysical mash-up. Creation, in all its glory, is magical. Like when I step back from a drawing I’ve just completed and think, “Wow, that is not what I started out to do, but it’s better.”

Real magic also comes from inside. It is inside each and every one of us. Sometimes it is dormant—often for years or decades—but it is in there. We just need to wake it up. Shake it and arouse it from its slumber. And we do that by being unconventional and stepping out of our daily norm. We need to invite our unconventional selves to stay for a visit, perhaps indefinitely.

Create some magic in your life. Be unconventional. Be you.

To your good fortune!

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