Fortune Friday: “Now is a good time for a new collection or hobby.”

If you are like me, you often let your life slip into ruts. More specifically, we allow certain aspects of our lives to become rote and unconsciously habitual. We fall into patterns, sometimes unhealthy ones. It’s easy right? Day in, day out, one step leading to another. Before you know it another year has slipped by and many of your best laid plans have fallen by the wayside.

Why do we do this? Because it is easy. It’s comfortable. It’s what we know. Shaking things up can be unsettling. Experiencing new things can be a threat to our ego. It’s scary. We open ourselves up to possible ridicule or rejection.

But that is exactly what we need to do. There is no neutral ground in life. No safe stasis. We’re either growing or we’re dying, either progressing or regressing. In sports, they say the best defense is a strong offense. This applies to all aspects of life. Actively pursuing new opportunities and experiences is the lifeblood of a happy, fulfilling life. We are creative beings at our core. We thrive in an environment of growth, exploration, and new learning.

If your life is feeling stale, it might be time for a transfusion. Time to mix things up. Start a new hobby. Start a new collection. Start a book club. Start a walking club. Check out books from the library that you normally wouldn’t check out. It doesn’t have to cost money.

So if you find your life in a rut, ask yourself “What new experiences have I been trying?”

To your good fortune!

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