Fortune Friday: “Stalling could sour your fantasy. Start that travel adventure with gusto.”

Answer truthfully. How often have you had an idea and gotten a rush of excited energy, only to have that energy dissipate within a day or so and then eventually disappear?

If you are like me, probably weekly.

Many motivation experts or productivity coaches recommend taking some form of action within 24 hours of an receiving and idea or breakthrough idea. In other words, act fast before your fantasy sours.

Part of me agrees with this philosophy. Often people wait for inspiration to compel them to action. But the truth is, actions, any action, can “prime the pump” and spark newer and greater actions.

If you don’t feel like singing, then sing. Badly, and loudly if possible. Don’t stop. Pretty soon you’ll be singing and loving it.

Don’t feel like writing? Just write something, anything. Start transcribing the phone book for heaven’s sake. Just write. The very action of moving the pen or pounding the keypad will engage your mind and soon you will click over into the realm of creativity.

Like I said, part of me agrees with this philosophy. However, part of me feels there is something else, perhaps gentler and less forced. And that is to tap into our inspiration. I once heard Supercoach Michael Neill say that any genuine seed of desire contains all the energy necessary for its realization.

His example is that an acorn contains everything needed for it to become an oak tree. Yes, yes I know. It needs soil and water and sun too. But you get his meaning.

In other words, if your really, really, really want to do something, you’ll do it. You won’t need to motivate yourself or follow self-help tactics. You will naturally find a way to do it, in the way that works best for you. Simple. Maybe not easy, but simple.

In his article “Why You Can’t Motivate Yourself To Take Action,” Morty Lefkoe makes the following statement:

“If you want to do something and the necessary behavior is consistent with your beliefs, no motivation is necessary. You will do it naturally.”

So the choice is yours: Start with gusto or follow your wanting. Both are reliable, viable paths to achieving your dreams.

Today’s fortune specifically mentioned travel. Lately I’ve been fantasizing about London, Paris, Italy and Hawaii. Which option do you think I should use to jump start this dream?

To your good fortune!

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