Fortune Friday: “Tomorrow your creative side will shine forth with exceptional ideas.”

Everyone has good ideas. Even great ideas. Oftentimes we discount our ideas because to us they seem normal or average—that’s just the way I think. But what is ordinary to you is often extraordinary to someone else.

You have great ideas inside you. I have great ideas inside me. As living beings, creation and the desire to build and make and create is innate. We’re born with that drive inside us. Think back to when you were a kid. If you were anything like me, you could play for hours and hours on end, always coming up with new plans and games and ideas. The world was one giant playground, your personal laboratory of fun.

And then you grew up. Or someone told you that you needed to grow up. And to stop being a child and to be responsible.

So you got a job or a career and slowly, day by day, slipped into a comfortable, neutral glide. Not awful, but not great. That’s what I did. Maybe you did too.

And then your idea muscle, as James Altucher likes to call it, began to whither and fade. After a while you just figured you didn’t have any good ideas anymore.

Don’t believe it. It is a lie.

You are a freaking genius. You always have been. You’ve just forgotten how to play.

Tomorrow, and every tomorrow after that, you have the chance to remember.

To your good fortune!

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