Fortune Friday: “Try to channel excess energies into rejunvenation.”

Self care is often mistaken for selfishness or self indulgence.

But, the greatest gift you can give to your family, loved ones, friends, neighbors, employer, community, and even the world is to become—and be—the best version of yourself possible.

Like they say, wherever you go, there you are. When there is more of “you” in you, there is more of you to spread around. More to give. More to uplift. More to serve and inspire. More to love.

The first rule of lifeguard training is that the lifeguard must protect her own safety above all us. Because an injured or (heaven forbid) dead lifeguard is no good to the person they’re trying to help.

Be smart. Take a little time each day and channel your excess energies into rejuvenating and replenishing yourself.

You deserve it. And so do those you care about most.

To your good fortune!

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