Fortune Friday: “Wise men make more opportunities than they find.”

When was the last time you set forth a plan and worked to accomplish it?

It is probably more recent and more often than you think.

Did you set your alarm to wake up on time this morning? Did you pick matching socks to wear? We all successfully complete a myriad of things each day which we take for granted, all while beating ourselves up mentally with thoughts like:

“I never get anything important done.” Or “Everyone is doing so much more than me.”

But maybe we should reexamine these less-than-noteworthy tasks. Because these micro-accomplishments can sow the seeds of bigger and better success. My new mantra for 2013 is:

Think big. Act Small.

Have big dreams, big plans, big goals. Aim for the stars. But take regular, small, achievable actions. Eat that elephant one bite at a time. Take that thousand mile journey one step at a time.

Draw your graphic novel one panel a week. Write one paragraph in your novel each night. Write 2 blog posts a week. Walk 1 mile a day. By years end you will have a completed comic book, written 30,000 words of your book, logged over a hundred blog posts, and walked almost 400 miles. That’s halfway from my home to Denver!  

Make more opportunities.

The alternative is to sit idly by waiting for life to happen to you. And a lot of people do this. They somehow believe that if they suffer long enough and hard enough, that the karmic universe will finally take notice and make recompense.

You’ve waded through trials and tribulation? Here is the home of your dreams. You’ve put up with years of abusive energy vampires? Here is the generous, loving partner you’ve been waiting for—complete with six-pack abs. You stuck it out in a dead end job for decades? Here’s your winning lottery ticket.

The universe doesn’t work that way. And deep down we know it.

You have power inside you beyond your ability to comprehend.

Let it out.

To your good fortune!

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