Fortune Friday: “You are always welcome in a gathering.”

One of my favorite movie quotes is from Kevin Smith’s Clerks.

Randal: “I’m not going to miss what is probably going to be the social event of the season.”
Dante: “You hate people!”
Randal: “But I love gatherings. Isn’t it ironic.”

A gathering is much different than a party or a seminar or an event or any of the myriad ways people come together. The word itself is active. Gather. To bring together. To me it implies that the person doing the gathering consciously selected the guests.

Are we selective about the people we invite into our lives? Do we actively gather those close to us? Are we welcoming and being welcomed?

Or do we just mingle and associate with whichever Tom, Dick or Harry that waltzes into our sphere?

Personally, I am going to rethink and rework a few of my associations and relationships.

To your good fortune!

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