Fortune Friday: “You are the mast of every situation”

My guess is this fortune was supposed to say, “You are the master of every situation.” Must have been a harried day at the fortune writing shop, given this fortune was also lacking any punctuation.

But as always, I sat with it for a little while and decided this fortune is quite meaningful.

In nautical terms, the mast is the tall upright post or spar on a sailing vessel that supports the sails. It is the primary source of the boat’s propulsion. Without a mast to hold up the sails—thereby catching the wind—a ship is “dead in the water.”

As we are presented with opportunities or trials, we too become the mast. We decide whether we will metaphorically supports sails of joy or of misery. We get to choose if we will catch the prevailing winds of negativity and pessimism and sail on to the shores of apathy and woe, or turnabout and harness those winds and chart a new course towards a brighter horizon.

We are the mast. We get to choose. But only always.

To your good fortune!

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