Fortune Friday: “You have the ability to sense and know higher truth.”

Every one of us, every single person on this planet, came into this world with a divine spark—an inner light—that is the perfect personal guidance system. Because truth is based on eternal principles. Truth is truth, no matter wrapper you put it in or what label you give it.

For example, I believe in God. Whether you choose to name it The Supreme Being, Spirit, Higher Power, God, Universal Consciousness or whatever, the fact remains that there is an intelligent force, greater than ourselves, behind the system. I just can’t believe that our world is the result of some set of freak occurrences mashed together through space and time. It had to be planned. It’s all too amazing to be some random fluke.

This ability to sense and know truth can also act like a built in lie detector.

I think most of us have, or at least have had, that inkling of when someone or something was not being completely straight with us. We knew. Deep down we knew. Right?

But as they say, knowing is only half the battle. The more important half is what you do with that information. Do you use that information for your benefit or for your downfall? Food for thought.

To your good fortune!

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