Fortune Friday: “You will be hungry again in one hour.”

On first read, this is the biggest cop-out in fortune writing history.

On second read, this just might be pure genius.

How often do we pursue the pointless and meaningless in our lives? How often do we sacrifice our precious time and resources at the alter of mindless entertainment and empty commercialism?

Metaphorically speaking, we will just be hungry again in an hour. Because there is no substance. Nothing to fill us up and satiate us. Just mental junk food and empty calories.

Years ago I worked with a fellow who was continually flirting with a pretty—and very happily married—coworker. Day after day he would cruise by her cubicle and engage her in drawn out conversations. No doubt she enjoyed the attention, but was nevertheless uninterested.

As we watched this poor sap fruitlessly pursue his quarry, a friend would joke, in his best Confucius voice, “Why does he desire that which he cannot have?”

Still cracks me up whenever I think about it.

But the point is still valid. How often do we seek to sate our inner hunger with outer distractions that cannot possible fill us?

We’ll just be hungry again in one hour.

To your good fortune!

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