Fortune Friday: “You will be successful through innovation and determination.”

There are basically three areas of knowledge that we have access to.

The first is what we know. This consists of all the information and knowledge we have acquired and stored away in our brains to this present time.

The second is what we don’t know. This consists of all the information and knowledge in the world that exists but that we, personally, as yet have not had access to. This includes libraries, oral traditions, encyclopedias, and most of the Internet.

And the third is everything we don’t know that we don’t know. This consists of those things that nobody knows because they don’t exist yet. For example, no one, not even Picasso, knew Guernica existed until it did. Up until the moments Pablo’s brush moved across the giant canvas, it did not exist. At least not in our world it didn’t. It existed in the ether, waiting to be pulled into this mortal plane.

Our best chance for success comes from this third area. This is where genuine innovation comes from.

If we operate from the first area, we will probably default to whatever comfortable habits and behaviors we are used to. Most likely nothing new or innovative will occur.

If we operate from the second area, we will simply be mimicking what we believe to have worked before by someone else. Sometimes there is merit to copying the successful habits and actions of others. But by its very nature is still limited.

But when we operate from the third area, the true unknown, we tap into an unlimited source of inspiration. We can dream things no one has dreamed before. We can create things no one has created before. Not once, not ever. In this realm lies our best chance for unique greatness.

Which area do you operate from?

To your good fortune!

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