Fortune Friday: “You will bring sunshine into someone’s life.”

This week’s fortune could not be more appropriate given the time of year. Let’s be honest, the holidays can be a very stressful time for many people. There are pressures, sometimes imagined and sometimes self-inflicted, and lots to do. Homes to decorate, cards to send, events to attend, gifts to wrap. It can get a little overwhelming if we let it.

But amidst all the holiday busyness, we can slow down a little and focus our attention on those around us who could use our help and encouragement. Take a look around at the people in your life. Can you think of anyone who might benefit from a kind word, or a smile, or a hug? If you’re like me, I bet you can think of lots of people.

So maybe takes some time this week—doesn’t need to be long—and send a short note, either hand-written or emailed or a text. Let those people know you’re thinking of them. Let them know they are important to you. Let them know you care, that you are there if they just need to talk.

We don’t have to make huge, grand, or expensive gestures. Simple is often better.

Bringing sunshine into someone’s life is a lot easier than we think.

To your good fortune!

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