Fortune Friday: “You will make a change for the better.”

Most of the time we are resistant to change. Change is unknown, unsettling, and often unnerving. So of course we want to avoid it. I mean, who in their right mind would volunteer to sign up for upheaval?

But all change is for the better. If we choose to see it that way. Even completely unwanted, unsolicited, or unwarranted changes can be beneficial when viewed through the lens of opportunity. And here’s why.

Change requires adaptation. Adaptation implies evolution. Evolving implies growth and moving towards a more ideal state.

So even though the changes we are experiencing now may be incredibly sucky (or good), what matters most is who we are becoming as a result.

Change is good. Don’t fight it, embrace it.

To your good fortune!

Note: I worked six un- words into this article. Too bad unheaval isn’t a word, or I would have gone for seven.

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