Fortune Friday: “You will make changes before setting satisfactorily.”

Admittedly, I was a little confused at first by the wording of this fortune. So I decided to look up ‘setting’ in the dictionary. The third entry defined setting as: the time, place, and circumstances in which something occurs or develops.

The time, place, and circumstances in which something occurs or develops. I love that. Viewed in terms of my life, this fortune makes so much sense.

Every aspect of our lives can be broken down into when (time), where (place), and who/what/how (circumstances). There is always something that occurs (what) or develops (what/how).

This all seems very obvious. But it is the ‘satisfactorily’ part that I find interesting. At first I was tempted to think it meant happily, as in happily ever after, or as in just the way I wanted it to turn out.

Side note: That reminded me of the phrase in the Bible where Jesus commanded his disciples to ‘Be ye therefore perfect.’ That is a tall order to fill. I think a good number of devoted Christians have needlessly beat themselves over that one. But the Greek translation of perfect means to be complete or finished. Jesus was asking us to be whole, not flawless. Sorry for the tangent.

So back to the dictionary. Satisfactorily: Giving satisfaction sufficient to meet a demand or requirement; adequate.

In that regard, every circumstance in our life will set satisfactorily. As we wind our way through our lives, we will all make many twists and turns before ultimately arriving in the proper spot exactly where we’ve steered ourselves to go.

So let’s not beat ourselves up because our lives didn’t turn out like our neighbor, or how we would have wanted it to. Our lives set satisfactorily, precisely the way they are supposed to—perfectly designed to make us who we are.

To your good fortune!

(Btw, I never said I’d be right about these things, but I will write exactly what I am thinking.)

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