Fortune Friday: “Your charms have not gone unnoticed by all the angels.”

Uh…say what?

I’m including this one just to prove that all the fortunes I write from are legitimate, and that I am not lobbing myself slow pitches over the plate by pre-selecting easy phrases to riff off of.

As always, these are my interpretations of the fortunes. By all means feel free to draw your own conclusions.

Now after I had read it a few times and allowed it to percolate in my mind, the obvious interpretation, at least to me, was the implication that our innate goodness (and/or good deeds) is being observed and approved, and possibly recorded, by divine beings.

But I wanted to explore a less-obvious direction.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, I typically start my Fortune Friday posts by identifying any keywords that jump out at me. Charms. I like the sound of that. A lot. After all, who doesn’t like to be considered charming?

Or ‘unnoticed’? That contains interesting possibilities as well.

But the word that really grabbed me was ‘angels’. And not angels in the typical sense, although I do believe in angels—just not the stereotypical kind with wings and harps sitting on fluffy clouds.

No, the angels I see are the ones all around us. Our loved ones. Our friends. And complete strangers too.

They watch us, observe us, notice us.

So what message are we sending? Are they charming, or something else?

To your good fortune!

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