Fortune Friday: “Your dearest wish will come true.”

In business they say what gets measured, gets done. What you focus on gets accomplished. Our dearest wishes are no different.

Our actions reflect our priorities. What we choose to spend our time on is a mirror of our true desires. Want to know how committed someone is to something? Just look at their results. Results don’t lie.

Literally what is already done—what exists in current reality—is proof of what you were committed to.

Remember, every system is absolutely perfect for generating its current results. Every system.

For example, are you financially broke? Look at the internal and external systems in your life. Really look at them. Are you treating your money in a way that promotes prosperity? Are you languishing in a dead end job because it is comfortable or you’re too lazy or scared to change? Have you let your skills lapse?

Congratulations! You have a perfect system in place to keep you broke.

Are you overweight and out of shape? Again, look at your systems. Eating junk while laying on the couch at 2 o’clock in the morning?

Congratulations! You have a perfect system in place for generating flab.

Sure, some people have genetics that predispose them to being overweight. But in a twisted way, that system too is perfect for the results it is generating.

Change the system, change the result.

Want your dearest wishes to come true? Abandon your current systems that are keeping your wishes from coming to pass. Create new systems that are conducive to the results you  desire.

Then analyze your level of commitment. Real commitment, when understood and applied, creates miracles. Because real commitment breeds certainty.

What you truly commit to—not wishy-washy wanting, but real commitment—is, in effect, already done. When you truly commit to something it is as if that thing is already done. It is just waiting for time and circumstance to catch up.

Change your systems. Get committed. And your dearest wish will come true.

To your good fortune!

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