Fortune Friday: “Your emotional nature is strong and sensitive.”

As human beings, our entire nature is emotional. Sure we pride ourselves on our intellect and analytical abilities, but at our core we are primal and driven by emotion and instinct. I believe we all have an inner knowing, a perfect internal compass. And that compass has the ability to lead us exactly in the direction best suited for our growth and development.

The problem comes when we ignore that compass.

And the reason we often ignore it is because we falsely believe that strength and sensitivity are mutually exclusive. That if we are strong we can’t be sensitive, and vice versa. Or we believe that strength equals hardness, or that sensitivity equals weakness.

But real power comes from harnessing opposites. Warmth is nothing without the cold. Light is nothing without darkness. Happiness is not fully expressed in the absence of sadness.

Our real emotional nature, our true power, comes from tempering strength with sensitivity, and alloying sensitivity with strength.

When we bring the two together in balance and harmony, we are unstoppable.

To your good fortune!

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