Fortune Friday: “Your present plans are going to succeed.”

Success coach and speaker Steve Chandler often speaks about systems, and the importance of installing and utilizing systems to help us achieve what we desire. In fact many thought leaders promote the idea of creating and setting up your environment to help you succeed.

Want to loose weight? Clear out all the junk food from your cupboards. Want to memorize some foreign language vocabulary words? Post sticky notes on your bathroom mirror. In other words, set up your environment to encourage and reinforce your desired behavior.

Chandler states that any observable circumstance is the direct result of a perfect system in play. For example, are you dead broke? Then whatever it is you are doing or not doing in your life (e.g. habits, living situation, relationships, geographic location, cultural norms, education, etc), you are creating, or at the very least contributing to, a perfect, well-oiled machine guaranteed to keep you in poverty.

The same thing is true for the opposite as well. Are you prosperously wealthy? Then aside from inheriting a family fortune or winning the Powerball lottery, you are probably doing those things on a regular basis which contribute to growing money.

So why all this talk about systems? Because their results are usually immediately obvious. There are flawless systems at play in my life that are reflected in my current circumstance. In that sense, my present plans are always going to succeed. Good or bad, they are succeeding because the systems make it so.

So if you want something to change, analyze the system and take steps to modify it.

To your good fortune!

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