Fortune Friday: “You’re transforming yourself into someone who is certain to succeed.”

Transform is defined as making a thorough or dramatic change in form, appearance, or character. And as the New Year approaches, my mind, like many people, turns to thoughts of rebirth and new beginnings. A chance to start anew. To set a new course. To venture down an exciting, though less familiar and potentially uncomfortable, path.

Specifically physical health and fitness.

In the context of self improvement, the mind, body, and spirit are often compartmentalized. And it seems to make sense. But what if instead of three separate components, they are in fact one in the same? If you think about it:

The mind, without a body and soul, is nothing more than a repository of data.

The body, without the soul or a mind, is just a ghostless machine.

The spirit, without a mind or body, is simply a ghost.

Wrestler, trainer and author Matt Furey eloquently stated:

“The more you conquer your body through physical exercise, the easier it is to conquer anything else in your life…Train the body and you simultaneously train the mind…If you’ve got the guts to conquer your own body, you’ve got the guts to conquer any area of your life you so choose…There is greatness and power that comes from ruling your own roost.”

In fact, Sir Richard Branson, one of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs, cites daily exercise as his number one key to success. After all, running a profitable business empire takes stamina and energy.

But on a personal level, a healthy fit body becomes the vehicle for actively pursuing life’s goals. Singers and actors often refer to their bodies as “their instrument.” And instruments play their best when they are well cared for and in tune.

Consider avoiding the cliche of New Years dieting and weight loss, and focus more on transforming yourself into someone who is certain to succeed.

To your good fortune!

Note: I highly recommend reading Matt’s entire article called Conquer Fear Now. It is where I pulled his comments.

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