How Would Others Describe You?

This past weekend me, Jill, and the kids helped move my brother-in-law’s family into a rental house, while they are renovating their new home. Between family, neighbors, and friends, more than 20 people showed up to help out.

Immediately it was obvious who was there to help move, who was there to socialize, and who was there just taking up space (and getting in the way). As the day progressed and time passed, one by one the volunteers departed, returning to their Saturday lives.

Of course, being family, we we there for the duration. There were also two neighbors who remained the entire time. They were still moving at full steam, moving boxes, reassembling beds, you name it. After 6 hours of help, they too returned to their homes.

After it was all done and the dust settled, we were sitting around talking about the days events and the generosity of the volunteers, particularly these last two neighbors. We were all a little awestruck by their vigor and willingness to help. Then my brother-in-law said something that really made an impact on me.

He said, referring to one of the two neighbors, “Brett is the single most reliable person I know.”

What an amazing compliment. What a great way to be described. To be known as a person that can be counted on to honor his word always. Wow.

It made me stop, perhaps a little uncomfortably, and wonder how others would describe me.

How would others describe you in one sentence?

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