Savor The Heat

I like summer. After months of gray and cold, I relish the sun. I soak it up. Even in the dog days of August, when I am sweating to death and complaining about the heat, I still like it.

I like it because it serves as a stark reminder of where we’ve come from. I need that contrast. I need that opposition to keep my perspective clear and my focus sharp. It reminds me I have left the cold darkness and have stepped into the warm light.

I try to keep this frame of mind with me in all other aspects of my life. Whenever I feel in over my head or that life seems to been turning up the flames, I try to savor the heat.

Sure, I forget from time to time and curse the frying pan as much as the next guy. But I try as often as I can to remember the sun, to savor the heat.

Time to get cooking.

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