Stop Stopping

Consistency is everything. This will not come as a shock to most people, but it is amazing how often we forget this simple principle.

Passion, intensity, focus, and innovative ideas are important ingredients for achievement. They are all supporting characters in the success formula, but it is the smaller, habitual actions and routines that take center stage. It is the 1% improvements—applied methodically—compounded over time that add up to big things.

We all know this is true.

Why is your new health regimen not working? You got sloppy. You stopped working out and tracking your meals.

Why are your social media initiatives not producing results? You stopped. You post haphazardly—if at all.

Finances, relationships, or career not all you hoped they’d be? Same reason: you most likely stopped giving them the regular, disciplined attention they deserve.

Do yourself a favor. Stop starting and stopping. Stop stopping. Just keep plugging away bit by bit, day after day, year over year. Don’t stop. Build your kingdom—however you envision it—brick by brick. It may feel sometimes like you’re not making any progress. But keep going. Stay consistent.

Just remember, every masterpiece was created one brushstroke at a time.

Stop stopping. Keep moving forward.

When you look back, you’ll be amazed at what accumulates.

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