The Master Key to Success

This past weekend I traveled to sunny Los Angeles to attend The Prosperous Coach workshop intensive put on by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler. It was an amazing 3-day workshop among some of the world’s best personal and professional coaches. There was so much love, generosity, insight, and energy. People shared amazingly intimate and personal stories about their struggles and successes in life, as well as the coaching profession. I was particularly blessed to have had several intimate conversations with some powerful, sincere, committed individuals. It was a life-altering event.

Often, even a single fresh insight is worth the entire price of admission. By far, my single, biggest takeaway was what I am now (personally) referring to as “The Master Key to Success.” And it is beautiful in its simplicity. The key is this:

Living from a committed place. Or more specifically, how you are Be-ing in the world as a byproduct of living from a committed place.

Is this easy to do? Maybe not at first. But with dedication and practice it can be learned. And it starts with making and keeping your word, with complete integrity, to yourself. When you can be 100% true and faithful to your commitments, you build power and self-trust. When you can be trusted with power, inspiration comes knocking. When you are filled with inspiration, you can create your world.

I am convinced that true success in coaching, business, relationships, what have you comes more from who we are and how we show up in the world, than mere mastery of skills, techniques, and attitudes. Don’t get me wrong, practical mastery definitely plays an important role, but it is a supporting role. Be-ing is the lead actor.

If I am coming from a truly committed place, I can simply Be in any scenario and the correct words, thoughts, deeds, and inspiration will come to me as needed. I won’t have to pre-plan every interaction. I can simply trust in my Be-ing. I can make decisions on the fly. Because the real Me will always act and react in perfect alignment with my true nature and values.

When I learn to live from a committed place, the rest is just details.

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