The Power of Clarity

Getting really, really clear about what you want—what you want to do, be or have—is crucial to making it actually happen.

Some decisions or moments of clarity happen in an instant. And by all means we should act on those if it right for us. But more often than not, getting clear requires time and space to let your thoughts mature and distill. To allow the truth to bubble up to the surface. Don’t be afraid to give your thoughts the time they need. You don’t have to rush it.

In fact, when we feel an urgent need to figure things out, that is when we probably need to slow down the most.

So why is clarity so important?

Here is a simple formula I have cobbled together over the past few months:

Clarity breeds change.
Change breeds commitment.
Commitment breeds certainty.
Certainty breeds creation.
Creation breeds the world.

When you get really clear about what you want, the desire to change increases. We feel the urge to level up our lives. We see the path, the possibilities, the light at the end of the tunnel. It fires up our drive to grow.

That fire to change fuels our goals, objectives, and our daily rituals. We get committed. We make, and keep, commitments. All of them. All the time. We keep and honor our promises—particularly to ourselves. We become our word. Patterns emerge. Our life begins to take on a theme.

That unwavering commitment builds trust in ourselves and buoys our self worth. We see what we are capable of. We begin to experience our real power to affect change. This knowledge grows into an immovable stone, a solid bedrock foundation upon which we can build and rely. We become sure. We become certain. We know through personal experience that we can speak into existence what we choose. Always. Never doubting.

This is real power.

This is how ordinary people like you and me change the world.

That is the power of clarity. 

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