Then Make Your Choice

Arguably one of the funnier exchanges between adversaries in movie history is the classic Battle of Wits in The Princess Bride between the black-clad, swashbuckler Westley and Vizzini, the diminutive criminal mastermind.

After his dizzying display of intellect, during which he attempts to confuse and distract our hero, Vizzini finally chooses a poisoned wine goblet and meets his grisly end.

But what I find interesting, and funny, is all the stalling he does.

Tony Robbins is fond of saying that change does not have to be difficult nor does it need to take a long time—but that real change happens in an instant. It is the preparing to change that takes a long time.

And usually the reason behind the hesitancy to decide is a lack of commitment.

“Failure to commit is the high cost of low living.” -Steve Hardison

In fact the word decide comes from the Latin ‘to cut off from’. When we make a true decision, there are no other alternatives, no excuses. We cut off all avenues of escape. We remove all options of going back or punking out. And the reward for our bravery is that we have no regrets. Because even when we make a decision that ultimately proves wrong or incorrect, at least we made a choice. We took a stand for something—instead of idly doing nothing, letting life happen to us.

So wherever you are at in what ever circumstance you find yourself, consider what decisions you have been putting off or avoiding and then go and make a choice. You’ll be glad you did.

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