What If The Opposite Was True?

We live in a orderly and balanced world governed by opposites. Light and dark. Hot and cold. Birth and death. Positive and negative. Everything has its opposite and harmony is maintained.

Well, what if our thoughts, wishes, and desires were the same way?

What if every thought, positive or negative, came attached with an opposite viewpoint, another option? They say that every perceived failure contains the seeds of a future triumph. Likewise, every triumph also contains the seeds of a future downfall. We’ve seen this play out time again with egotistical athletes, Hollywood superstars, Fortune 500 CEOs, and more.

Think of something, a dream or a big goal, that scares you. Your thoughts might say ‘don’t go there.’ But maybe you should carefully examine its opposite thought. What if what you are scared to try is EXACTLY the very thing you need to do to grow and move your life forward?

Flamboyant and outspoken graphic designer and educator James Victore made this powerful observation:

“At it’s best, your life’s work should be about DOING something, not worrying about your comfort. If your prime motivation is self preservation, then you are not asking enough out of life or really living true to yourself. You are capable of so much more. DOING takes a leap of faith—believing in yourself and that the work you want to make is important enough to risk… well, everything. Do it. Do it. Do it.”

The next time you have a thought that scares or intrigues you, stop and ask: What if the opposite was true?

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