Who Are You Writing For?

If you ask a typical business owner or marketer who their customer is they will likely reply, “Everyone.” But we instinctively know that can’t be true. When you try to be everything to everyone you end up pleasing nobody, because the pathway to the masses is usually paved with mediocrity.

This is even truer for writing. The best writing is personal, intimate. The non-fiction books and articles that appeal to me—that really draw me in and connect on a deeper level—are typically laced with personal stories and anecdotes. Or in the case of fiction, I can feel the authors soul and mind through their words.

So who are you writing for?

I recommend following Kurt Vonnegut’s advice and write for one reader. Then speak to that person from your heart as you would in a one-on-one conversation.

Who do I write for?

I don’t write for search engines, keywords, rankings, or page views. I don’t care about linkbacks or shares or whatever. And that is the honest truth—you won’t see any ads, affiliates, or endorsements on this site.

As self-centered as it may sound, I primarily write for myself. To inspire and encourage myself. Life as a creative professional can be daunting, frustrating, and lonely sometimes. It is not always the easiest path to tread—personally or commercially. These articles serve to bolster my resolve.

I also write for and to my two kids. I want to share with them what is in my heart. I want them to know what I think and how I feel. I want them to know my hopes and dreams and fears. I want them to live happy lives full of love and contentment. I want them to be courageous and hopeful—to boldly create the life of their dreams. I want them to avoid the pitfalls of complacency, to not settle. To not be blinded or misled by the worlds definition of success. To, in the words of Lawrence Olivier, “Amaze yourself with your own daring.”

I want to show them a better way.

That is why I write this blog. I write it for them.

Who are your writing for?

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