Why Hugh Jackman Inspires Me

Inspiration can come from many sources. It can come from books, poems, music, art, movies and more. But for most of us, we are best inspired by other people. When one human sees another human doing something great or powerful or moving, it stirs something inside and wakes us up to our own potential.

So why am I inspired by actor Hugh Jackman? Is it because he is a famous, talented, multi-faceted actor, singer and performer in amazing physical condition who has reached the pinnacle of success while still managing to remain a decent, down-to-earth sort of guy? Or perhaps because he’s freaking Wolverine?

Yeah, that certainly has something to do with it. But the real reason is much simpler. Hugh inspires me because we share something in common: we were born on the exact same day.

What makes sharing the same birthday so inspirational? Because it reminds me of how my choices create my reality. You see, Hugh and I have shared the same number of days on this planet. That means I’ve had access to the same amount of time as he has. The only difference in our outcomes, for better or worse, comes down to the different choices we’ve both made or not made.

Sharing my birthday with Hugh Jackman shows me what is possible to achieve (at least physically and career-wise) in my life. It shows me what can be accomplished with hard work, perseverance and living intentionally. And that inspires me.

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