Why You Should Get a Coach

Every great performer, whether they be an athlete, musician, or actor, usually has a coach of some kind. Ballplayers have batting and pitching coaches. Pop singers have vocal, dance, and instrumental coaches. Actors have voice, movement, and diction coaches. All three typically have personal trainers, nutritionists, and more.

Why? Because they want to improve. They want to get better. They want to be the best possible version of their professional self as they can. A good coach brings out the best in their client. They can point out the blind spots and illuminate the weak areas that need improvement. The best coaches literally help us see in a whole new perspective, to think new thoughts and see new possibilities. If the elite performers of this world, like Tiger Woods, see the value in having a coach, what does that say about the power of coaching?

It is ironic that we have all kinds of coaches and consultants in this world—sports, art, music, career, business, finance—and yet life coaching has only become a fairly recent phenomenon. I find it sad that there are all kinds of instruction and manuals and books on how to improve various skills, but few people are taught from a young age how to really live, how to be a “successful” human being. And I don’t mean financially—which is how most people measure success.

Please notice that I did not title this “Why You Need a Coach,” because honestly nobody needs a coach. You choose to work with a coach because you want to improve some your life in some way.

This past weekend I traveled to Los Angeles, California to spend 3 days working one-on-one, in person with my coach. I used some hard-earned vacation days. I spent my own money and worked out a few barter deals to generate the funds necessary to make this trip happen. Why? Because I am investing in my future. I want to take my personal and professional life to a higher level. I am committed to becoming the best possible version of myself as I possibly can.

And a good coach can help make that happen.

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