You’re Looking at the Problem

I recently finished reading the mystery novel Still Life by Louise Penny. In one scene, Agent Yvette Nichol is examining the home of a recent murder victim. While searching the bathroom, she spots a sticker taped to the bathroom mirror. It says, “You’re looking at the problem.” She takes the message literally and turns around to inspect the wall behind her. Discovering nothing, she dismisses the message as gibberish and exits the room, completely missing the point.

When you and me are looking at problems—as well as potential solutions—are we looking in the right place? Are we looking within, or are we looking for answers outside of us? Are we metaphorically turning around to search the wall behind us?

Or do we take the time to get quiet and tap into our internal wisdom?

Yes, you’re looking at the problem. The good news is you are also looking at the solution.


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